All of us having run family businesses think our problems are unique, yet when we meet together through Loedstar we find that our issues are much more in common and by dialoguing problems become opportunities.

Mr. Alan Hassenfeld, Chairman of the Executive Committee, Hasbro, Inc., United States

One of the greatest benefits of the seminars is to be able to exchange ideas and experiences with people from all over the world who are in a similar situation. This is of great value.

Ms. Anneli Laurin Delmas, Laurin Family

In this rather unique setting, participants, including myself and other members of my family who have attended, feel relaxed when sharing their own experiences, whether positive or negative.

Mr. Abdullah Adib AlZamil, Family Member, Zamil Group, Saudi Arabia

The opportunity to learn with peers about commonly faced challenges and possible solutions was invaluable.

Family member, Family Business, North America

The Family Business Forums are a unique insight for Families at every stage in their evolution, from founding members all the way to some who we met which span over 8 generations.

Mr. Fouad M. Makhzoumi, Chairman, Future Group, United Arab Emirates

Joining the Loedstar conferences means for me a valuable enrichment of my network.

Chris Brenninkmeyer, Retailer & Entrepreneur, Germany

Loedstar's events include a pragmatic approach to family business issues and a strong ability to help family members organise their thoughts and find solutions.

Ms. Carmen Tous, Family Office Executive, Spain

The Family Business Forum is an opportunity to meet with and exchange expreriences with leading business families from all over the world, in a friendly and safe environment.

Dr. Fouad F. Alkhadra, Chairman & CEO, Dan Holding Group, Kuwait

I would recommend Loedstar to any business family interested in maintaining their legacy and values across the generations.

Third generation family owner, Aviation business, Germany

Loedstar's services, the calibre of speakers and the real case studies are of the highest order.

Mr. Izzat A Sajdi, Managing Director, Consulting Engineering Center, Jordan

The Loedstar Family Business Forum is a unique learning experience which all business families can benefit from.

Third generation family executive, Single family office, Bahrain

At the Family Business Forum it is reassuring to know that we can learn from the mistakes of others and follow in their good footsteps.

Ms. Sara Bahamdan, Bahamdan Holding, Saudi Arabia
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