The Challenge

For many families, total global expenditure on all types of insurance and risk protection is significant when it is added up. However, insurance often doesn't have the attention it deserves. This can result in costs that are too high, risks of being under- or uninsured and administrative burden.

The Solution

We have created a special arrangement with a leading global broker with a special focus on family firms and family offices. It can cover all aspects (or part) of your global insurance: commercial and private, for individuals or the whole family.

How it works
There are three main ways in which this arrangement adds value for families and family firms:

Complimentary Gap Analysis – This includes examining all existing insurance policies the family may have around the world. It will identify whether there are any potential gaps or improvements that can be made.

Save Time – Combining all the various policies to the one common renewal date, making the portfolio easier to manage.

Save Premium – By placing the portfolio with the one underwriter (where possible). The underwriter applies discounts, better rates and more comprehensive wording (because they have greater understanding of the wider portfolio).

Family members’ personal insurance
On the personal side, we can even help when family members are paying individually for personal insurance such as cars and homes. Here, economies are created by arranging for the individuals to take advantage of combined purchasing power but with individual billing (if desired) and individual confidentiality.

Case Studies

Save costs and bring in
better coverage, for 50+ family members
who have individual car and home insurance across UK/Europe

Protects family executives against claims
as well as protecting factories and other assets
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