About Loedstar S.A.

In family businesses and family offices, the “family” dimension can be a source of strength but also, if there are unresolved issues, a source of great frustration for family members.

Loedstar was founded by Ian Partridge, over twenty years ago, after Ian realised that many families owning family firms or family offices were struggling with similar challenges. His idea was that these families could be helped by learning directly from the hard-earned experience of other families in live case studies, with world-class experts drawing broader lessons.

Since then, he and his colleagues have worked with hundreds of families from all over the world including at special conferences or seminars in locations such as London, Geneva, Paris, Riyadh, Dubai and Hong Kong.

Prior to Loedstar, Ian was Marketing and Communications Executive for The Chase Manhattan Private Bank and, before that, Travellers Cheque and Financial Service Institutions Marketing Director for American Express. He is a Chartered Civil Engineer, having spent his early career in civil engineering in Saudi Arabia, and holds an MBA from INSEAD Business School in Fontainebleau.

For well over 20 years, Geneva-based Loedstar has worked with hundreds of families that own family firms and family offices from every continent. We help you keep two objectives aligned: how to grow your family business or investments and, at the same time, strengthen your family relationships.

Our premise is that, “it is better to address tomorrow’s predictable family business problems today” rather than wait for bigger challenges in the future. Here are some of the ways in which we can help families that own family firms or family offices:

• Connecting families to learn from each other
By learning from the hard-earned experience of other families, you can avoid or better manage some of the pitfalls they have faced.

• Events for families
In any family, it is easy to personalise issues. At our educational events, the emphasis is on learning by working together on how to solve genuine, live family cases in table-sized group discussions. One of the world’s leading family business experts facilitates these discussions and draws broader conclusions.

• Tailored training or coaching for families
When a family learns together, family cohesion is reinvigorated and trust builds. We can help arrange tailored training to support your family’s vision and training priorities.

• Focused training and coaching programmes for businesses
Loedstar offers two exceptional and unique business-training programmes:

- Talk Lean
How can you dramatically reduce the time spent in meetings and discussions? Whatever the context, whatever the relationship, the Talk Lean approach will allow you to be clear, direct and straight-to-the-point, whilst always remaining courteous.

- Just Ask
How do you grow your business rapidly and easily, without additional resources, even in these challenging times? Just Ask coaches your executives in something simple but powerful; using referrals from your existing clients to drive your new business growth.

• Cost-saving for family firms and family offices
For many families, total global expenditure on all types of insurance and risk protection is significant but it doesn't have the attention it deserves. We have created a special arrangement with one of the biggest global brokers to reduce costs and enhance your global insurance: commercial and private, for individuals or the whole family.

We can help with other types of cost-saving, including expenditure on legal services. This is particularly relevant for a project outside a family's normal geography, such as buying a company overseas.

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