The Challenge

To build a successful multi-generational family business or family office is to beat the odds; few businesses survive in family hands to the second generation and of these, under one-in-ten reach the third generation.

Any family business or family office faces unique issues, not least because the family itself may be a source both of strength and of additional complexity. How can your family avoid these pitfalls?

The Solution

The Family Business Forum is designed exclusively for family members with major family firms or family offices. At it, you will discover the solutions to your unresolved issues, by hearing from and working with business families from every continent.

What makes the Forum different is its emphasis on live family cases in table-sized groups. Firstly, you hear from a family about a real-life challenge they faced; next, in groups, you discuss what you might have done in their place; finally, you learn directly from the family about what they actually did.

World-class family business teachers, writers and consultants help facilitate discussions, draw broader lessons and contribute their own presentations.

The One-Day Family Business Forum
This intensive, dynamic and highly-enjoyable conference is led by top family business expert Peter Leach of Imperial College London. It is built around two in-depth, live cases during which two families agree to share their hard?earned experience in live family cases.

The final part of the day is devoted exclusively to a peer-to-peer advice workshop, which is the opportunity for you to seek advice on whatever questions are on your mind, by drawing upon the hard-earned experience of the other families, together with practical advice from the facilitator.

Maintaining Family-to-Family connections
After the Forum, families are encouraged to stay in contact to share experiences and so make their different family business journeys all the easier.

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Next Event
The next One-Day Family Business Forum will be held on Wednesday, November 16, 2022 in the George V Hall, The Bloomsbury Hotel, London.
Programme for the day
Family and Business Governance
Mr. Peter Leach
Addressing Tomorrow’s Predictable Family Business Problems, Today
Mr. Peter Leach
Adjunct Professor in Family Business, Imperial College London
Founder and Chairman, Peter Leach Associates Ltd.
Author “Family Businesses, The Essentials”
One of the world’s leading teachers, writers and consultants on family business, Peter Leach has worked with hundreds of business families across the world. Peter will facilitate discussions, draw broader lessons and share his own ideas. His opening session will introduce key family business concepts that will be addressed in more detail by the speakers
Live Case in Table-Sized Groups – William Jackson – Part I
Mr. Christopher Oughtred
From Discord to Family Governance and Partnership
Mr. Christopher Oughtred
Former Chairman, William Jackson Food Group
Christopher is a 5th Generation (G5) member of the Oughtred family, which owns the William Jackson Food Group, founded by his great-great-grandfather in 1851 in East Yorkshire.

He will begin the case in 1992, when the Oughtred family faced a difficult year for the family and business. The issues included deteriorating business performance, limited succession planning and poor communication between family and business. Participants will work in table-sized groups to consider what might have been done to resolve the situation through better family governance and guidelines. Peter Leach will then bring the whole room together, hearing what the different tables each recommend, to come up with a range of possible solutions.
Learning from the Case - William Jackson - Part II
Mr. Christopher Oughtred
What the Family Did and Lessons Drawn
Mr. Christopher Oughtred
After the break, Christopher Oughtred will build upon the group discussions to outline what the Oughtred family actually did, drawing from his first-hand experience as a former Chairman.

He will review the process during which a family governance framework, and particularly a new family constitution within it, was gradually agreed and then implemented by G4 (fourth generation) and G5, later involving G6. Next, he will show how the constitution has been tested by real-life events since, such as the sale of major businesses and the acquisition of others. Christopher will conclude with lessons learned along the way.
What’s next? – William Jackson - Part III
Ms. Fiona Gunn
The Critical Role of Family Training and Development
Ms. Fiona Gunn
Looking forward, how can William Jackson ensure that its next generation (G6) is sufficiently knowledgeable, involved and motivated to handle future challenges?

To answer this question, Fiona Gunn will share her experiences with their Development Advisory Group (DAG). Its roles include: guidance for family members (whether or not they intend to join the Group); developing career paths for working family members and, finally, as happened recently, selecting family members for key appointments, including Group Board members and the new Group Chair.
Networking Luncheon
There will be plenty of time, during breaks and luncheon, to meet with the other participants, renew contacts and build new friendships.
Live Family Case : Staying Together – the Scott Family part I
Mr. Alexander Scott
What Happens When a Family Sells its Business?
Mr. Alexander Scott
Alex will explain how, in 1994, he took over as 4th generation Chairman of Provincial, then the UK’s largest private insurer. Very quickly, he was confronted with significant strategic challenges; non-family directors advised the family to sell their inherited business. He will outline how the family successfully reinvested together, creating Sandaire, a multi-family investment office. Sandaire was sold in 2020 and chairmanship of the new family company, Applerigg, was passed to Alex’s cousin, Dr Oliver Sargent. Participants will work together in table-sized groups to discuss the fundamental question of what holds a family together, besides its business.
Purposeful Stewardship: The Scott Family – Part II
Dr Oliver (Oli) Sargent
Finding New Purpose and Maintaining Family Cohesion
Dr Oliver (Oli) Sargent
In 2020, Oli Sargent replaced Alex Scott and was appointed Family Chairman of Applerigg, the family holding company, to chart its new strategy.
In the second part of the case, Oli will outline developments since the sale of Sandaire, with the concept of “Purposeful Stewardship” being right at the core of the family’s ongoing business ethos (one example is a collective family decision, made recently, to move to a fully sustainable approach for all investments). Applerigg focuses on preservation and growth, whilst having the responsibility to reinvent and innovate, so as to be relevant for the future (it focuses on asset-backed businesses that offer a social service). Oli will explain how a family can find new purpose after a transaction and how cohesion can be maintained.
Peer-To-Peer Advice Workshop and Discussions
Mr. Peter Leach
Exploring Your Own Challenges and Opportunities
Mr. Peter Leach
The final session is devoted exclusively to peer-to-peer advice and discussion. In feedback year-after-year, this workshop is rated by participants as the most valuable part of the Forum.
In advance of the event, you will be asked to suggest or select topics that are on your mind. At the workshop, you will be allocated to a table-sized discussion group, along with others who are interested in the same topic (members of the same family will be on different tables).
The workshop is the opportunity for you to seek advice by drawing on the hard-earned experience of the other families as well as from the facilitator, Peter Leach. He will answer outstanding questions and draw broader lessons, so that you return home with clear next steps for whatever challenges you may face.
End-Of-Forum Reception
Participants are invited to an End-of-Forum Reception in the Coral Room. It will include refreshments, drinks and canapés served standing so that participants can circulate freely.
The Reception is the opportunity to relax at the end of a fairly intensive day. It’s also the chance to share what you have learned, exchange business cards and plan to stay in contact.
After The Forum
Participants are encouraged to stay in touch to continue to share challenges and learn from each other. If you wish, after the Forum, we can help you continue with peer-to-peer connections and discussion groups.
Sponsor Partners
The Family Business Mini-Forum is sponsored by (in alphabetical order):

Case Studies

Helping all the
family members better understand
family business dynamics and potential initiatives to reinvigorate an emotional  connection with the family business

After attending the Forum,
decided to create family constitution
to help minimise future disagreements

Non-executive and next generation family members are
properly involved and represented
in key decisions

Discussions with other elders helped
him come up with a brand new "business ambassador" role, which was very successful
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