Family-to-family deals

The Challenge

Family firms and family offices often seek diversification beyond their own core businesses and geographies. How do you find partners who have the right expertise, have their own wealth at risk and share your values?

The Solution

For over 10 years, we have been successfully making family-to-family deal and investment connections. These have been in a range of asset classes and business development stages including: seed, growth, private equity, real estate co-investments, responsible investments and private debt to give just a few examples.

Typically, the deal is where a family is seeking investors/co-investor or buyers, or where they are taking a meaningful stake in a third party deal that they feel could interest other families. They can be all over the world.

Dr. Christiane Schmelter title=

Dr. Christiane Schmelter – Co-ordinator of family-to-family deals and opportunities, Loedstar S.A. and Araneo GmbH

For over 10 years, Christiane has been collaborating with Loedstar, keeping in contact with families in our network to learn about investment opportunities that they are currently offering or seeking. A key part of her role is in matching appropriate deals.

Case Studies

Find a high quality real estate opportunity
as part of diversification strategy

Find a 4-star plus hotel with
strong, year-round revenues
in major UK/European city
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