Just Ask

The Challenge

How do you grow your business rapidly and easily, without additional resources, even in these challenging times?

The Solution

Just Ask is a high-impact programme that focuses on something simple but powerful; using referrals from your existing clients to drive your new business growth.

It seems obvious that referrals from satisfied clients should be a great source of new business, yet even very experienced executives are often reluctant to ask for referrals. The starting point to the training is to explore this reluctance, before learning how to overcome it. It will explain techniques and approaches that improve our mindset, confidence, preparation and follow-through.

The secret training ingredient – one-on-one coaching

Graham’s approach combines workshops that teach the principles with one-on-one coaching for each individual participant, working on their real-life client situations, both just before a real-life client meeting, and after to understand what could be improved for the next referral. 

About the trainer

The trainer, Graham Eisner, has devoted thirty years to understanding the power of client referrals. This has included ten years focused on client referrals at Goldman Sachs, followed by twenty years teaching others how to be more effective, as an executive sales trainer and coach. His clients now include some of the world’s largest companies and his new book, Just Ask was published in early 2022.
Graham Eisner:  Ask for just one name

Case Studies

Up-market positioning maintained since
introductions were also very large prospects

Sales effort concentrated
100% onto existing clients with side-benefit of improved client satisfaction
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