Frustrated by unresolved family business issues?
What do the world's leading families know that you don't?
Family Business Forum - Middle East 2017
The Forum is designed to be a friendly and safe environment for you to find the answers to your toughest family business questions. It will address issues that apply to any family firm or family office, while drawing from the particular experiences of families from Asia and the Middle East.

Our next Family Business Forum - Middle East & Asia will take place at the in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on November 28-30, 2017 at the Four Seasons Hotel, Riyadh.

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Live family cases discussed in table-sized groups

What makes the Forum really special is the range of live family cases. In many sessions, participants hear about a challenge faced by a family speaker, discuss the case in table-sized groups, then learn about what the family actually did. In others, they engage in an interactive dialogue with the speaker. The main facilitator will be one of the world's leading teachers, writers and consultants on family business Mr Peter Leach of Imperial College, London, author of "Family Enterprises, The Essentials".

Complimentary Momentum Club membership

The Forum fee includes complimentary Business Momentum Club membership for one year. Membership means, quite simply, that you can call on us, year-round for support and assistance. We will connect you with other families to learn from each other's experience including one-on-one dialogue, peer-to-peer mastermind calls, internship exchanges and invitations to third party events. Furthermore, if your family group is three or more people, please ask about becoming a Family Business partner so that family places, branding and business support are all included in one package.

The programme for the November Forum is finalised and is shown below. Should you wish to download a pdf of the programme, please use the link at the bottom of the page.

28 November, 2017
The Family Business Forum is designed exclusively for family members with major family firms or family offices. During two-and-a-half days, you will hear from and learn with many different family firms, discussing real-life cases in table-sized groups.
Mr. Peter Leach
Challenges and Potential Solutions – An Introduction
Mr. Peter Leach
(United Kingdom)
Adjunct Professor in Family Business, Imperial College London
Author “Family Businesses, The Essentials”
Partner, Deloitte Global Leader – Family Enterprise Consulting, Deloitte LLP
One of the world’s leading teachers, writers and consultants on family business, Peter Leach has worked with hundreds of business families across the world. Each day, Peter will facilitate discussions, draw conclusions and contribute his own presentations. His opening session will introduce a number of key family business concepts that will be addressed in more detail by the family speakers during the course of the Forum.
Mr. Abdallah Obeikan
Setting Clear Guidelines
Mr. Abdallah Obeikan
(Saudi Arabia)
Group CEO, Obeikan Investment Group (OIG) Obeikan Investment Group
Since it was founded by Abdallah Obeikan’s father and brother, the Group has grown to become a leader in paper, plastics, liquid packaging and education.
Drawing on his experience as Family CEO today, Abdallah will focus on the need to carefully define the roles of family members inside or outside the business. He will bring the perspective, relatively unusual for the region, of family involvement in management having been deliberately limited. He will particularly consider how 50+ third generation family members outside the business can be prepared for future ownership and governance responsibilities.
Mr. Nabeel Khaled Kanoo
A Work in Progress
Mr. Nabeel Khaled Kanoo
Chairman, Kanoo Family Council and Board Member, YBA Kanoo, Bahrain Board
Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo Group of Companies YBA Kanoo Group of Companies
Kanoo is one of the largest independent, family-owned multinationals in the Middle East with an extensive portfolio of businesses and strategic artnerships. Its divisions include shipping, logistics, travel, industrial and energy, capital investments and real estate.
Kanoo’s family-led approach to business includes a tradition of providing benefits for all family members. Nabeel will suggest that the company’s success is also based on a willingness to change, where doing nothing is not an option. He will outline how the family has managed different challenges, such as by professionalizing the business early, by bringing non-family executives into key positions and constantly seeking to improve family governance.
Mr. Christoper Oughtred
Mr. Christoper Oughtred
A Step-by-Step Process to Develop Family Governance
Christopher is a 5th Generation (G5) member of the Oughtred family, which owns the William Jackson Food Group, founded by his great great grandfather in 1851 in East Yorkshire. In this live case, you will learn how a family created and implemented its family governance. Specifically, we will hear how the Oughtred family constitution, created by G4/G5 in the early 1990’s, has been tested by real-life events and has since been updated with G6’s involvement.
Key Questions and Decisions: What Would You Have Done?
During the afternoon, Forum participants will work in table-sized groups to discuss some of the challenges and decisions that the Oughtred family faced during their process. What would you have done in their place? Next, you will hear what actually happened from Christopher, drawing from his first-hand experience as a former Chairman. Finally, Peter Leach will identify common themes from the discussions and suggest broader lessons.
Participants are invited to an open air dinner at the poolside restaurant “The Grill” hosted by Riyad Bank
29 November, 2017
Today’s sessions will answer your toughest questions on family governance, overcoming disunity and encouraging entrepreneurship. You will learn how to improve family communication from role-plays and from each other’s experience.
Learning from One Family’s Governance Journey
The Bin Mahfouz Family
(Saudi Arabia)
Third Generation Family Members, SEDCO Holding
The late Sheikh Salem Bin Mahfouz rose from a modest background to found NCB, Saudi Arabia’s first bank, in 1953 and SEDCO in 1976. SEDCO has since grown from a small trading business into one of Saudi Arabia’s largest wealth management organizations.
Two third-generation Bin Mahfouz family leaders will discuss the challenge of maintaining cohesion in a fast-growing family. In 1990, the family took its first steps towards creating an innovative and comprehensive family governance system. Today, with well over 200 family members, it includes a family constitution, family assembly, family council, annual event and a fund to encourage new enterprises.
*The above is a provisional synopsis which needs to be finalized with the family speakers
Mr. Conor Roche
Implementing an Early Inter-Generational Transition
Mr. Conor Roche
Executive Director, NTR plc and Director, Doyle Hotel Group
Conor Roche and his third generation (G3) siblings are in the unusual situation that both parents come from separate family business backgrounds: NTR, a world-class renewable energy power provider and The Doyle Collection, a group of luxury boutique hotels.
Conor will explain how a legacy of disunity during G2 in both his parents’ families had made them determined to adopt a different approach with their own children. He will outline how his family developed its own collective vision based on “family partnership”. This included creating a constitution, communication training, early transition of ownership to G3 and appointing non-family heads for the businesses and family office.
Mr. Yasser Al Kadi
Maintaining the Entrepreneurial Spirit
Mr. Yasser Al Kadi
(Saudia Arabia)
Vice President, Kadi Group Holding
Managing Director, Zajil Express Trading Company
The Al Kadi family business story began in 1938 in Jubail when they started importing food commodities. They moved to Dammam and by the 1970s had established new companies in many business sectors. However, as the family grew, there were signs of diverging business interests. The family decided to separate the businesses by branch, yet maintain their very strong ties at a unified family level.
Yasser will explain how the family’s approach has developed the younger generation’s entrepreneurial spirit and individual credibility. He has been closely involved in his family branch’s logistics and shipping businesses, including the growth of Zajil Express services.
Improving Family Communication
How Do You Communicate Difficult Issues Effectively?
All family business systems have in-built tensions. For example, salaried family executives have different interests from dividend-receiving shareholders. If such tensions are not properly addressed and managed, they can lead to worsening disagreements. How do you discuss and resolve tough problems together, particularly in a hierarchical setting?
What Can You Do? Principles and Practice
Peter Leach will set up and comment on role-plays, carried out with colleagues, centred around a realistic family case. They will incorporate common sources of friction and communication challenges. Participants will work in table-sized groups to discuss the roleplays and potential ways of handling them better. At the end, Peter will draw conclusions, explain key principles and suggest practical ways of improving family communication.
Participants are invited to a Farewell Reception in the Kingdom Ballroom Foyer
30 November, 2017
The final morning is devoted exclusively to peer-to-peer advice and discussion. In feedback each year, this session is rated as the most valuable part of the Forum. It is the opportunity for participants to seek advice on whatever questions are on their minds by drawing on the hard-earned experience of the other families and practical advice from the facilitator.
Dorchester Hotel
Mr. Peter Leach
Mr. Peter Leach
(United Kingdom)
Adjunct Professor in Family Business, Imperial College London
Author “Family Enterprises, The Essentials”; Partner, Deloitte Global Leader – Family Enterprise Consulting, Deloitte LLP
Workshop facilitator Peter Leach is a leading advisor, teacher and writer, helping family owners around the world. His work includes creating governance structures, facilitating next generation participation and drafting family constitutions.
Participants will work in table-sized groups to explore their own challenges or opportunities. Peter will answer outstanding questions so that participants return home with clear next steps.
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Joining the Loedstar conferences means for me a valuable enrichment of my network.
Chris Brenninkmeyer, Germany
All of us having run family businesses think our problems are unique, yet when we meet together through Loedstar we find that our issues are much more in common and by dialoguing problems become opportunities.
Alan Hassenfeld, Hasbro Inc.
To me, the Family Business Forum is an annual ritual that I look forward to attending.
Abdullah Adib AlZamil, Zamil Group, Saudi Arabia
The Forum treats both the rational and the emotional. We always learn from the ?mistakes? and successes of other participants.
Carmen Tous, Accord, Spain