Frustrated by unresolved family business issues?
What do the world's leading families know that you don't?
What do the world's leading family businesses and family offices know that you do not?
Grow your business and strengthen your family relationships; Learn from successful business families and leading experts.

The Forum is designed to be a friendly and safe environment for you to find the answers to your toughest family business questions. It will address issues that apply to any family firm or family office and families travel specially from 30-plus countries and every continent.

Our 19th annual Family Business Forum will take place on June 19-21, 2019 in the Ballroom of The Dorchester, Mayfair, London. Please simply click here to hold your places on option at the lowest early rate.

Live family cases discussed in table-sized groups

What makes the Forum really special is the range of live family cases covered over two-and-a-half days. In many sessions, participants hear about a challenge faced by a family speaker, discuss the case in table-sized groups, then learn about what the family actually did. In others, they engage in an interactive dialogue with the speaker. The final morning is a peer-to-peer discussion with the topics chosen by you and the other participants. The main facilitator will be one of the world's leading teachers, writers and consultants on family business Mr Peter Leach of Imperial College, London, author of "Family Enterprises, The Essentials".

Complimentary Momentum Club membership

The Forum fee includes complimentary Business Momentum Club membership for one year. Membership means, quite simply, that you can call on us, year-round for support and assistance. We will connect you with other families to learn from each other's experience including one-on-one dialogue, peer-to-peer mastermind calls, internship exchanges and invitations to third party events.

The programme for the June 2019 Forum is in progress. Meanwhile, you might like to read below about the most recent Family Business Forum. It will give you an idea of the quality of typical speakers and facilitators, along with the sorts of topics we cover at the Forum. Please note that in 2019, the speakers and topics will be different - they change each time.

Please see the previous (April 2018) Forum programme as an example below:

24 April, 2018
The Family Business Forum is designed exclusively for family members with major family firms or family offices. In today’s sessions, you will hear from and work with families from every continent, discussing genuine situations in table-sized groups.
Family, Business and Ownership
Mr. Peter Leach (United Kingdom)
Mr. Peter Leach
Challenges and Potential Solutions – An Introduction
Mr. Peter Leach
(United Kingdom)
Adjunct Professor in Family Business, Imperial College London
Author “Family Businesses, The Essentials”
Partner, Deloitte Global Leader – Family Enterprise Consulting, Deloitte LLP
One of the world’s leading teachers, writers and consultants on family business, Peter Leach has worked with hundreds of business families across the world. Each day, Peter will facilitate discussions, draw conclusions and contribute his own presentations. His opening session will introduce several key concepts that will be addressed in more detail by the family speakers.
Encouraging Family Shareholder Engagement
Mr. G. Garvin Brown IV (United States)
Mr. G. Garvin Brown IV
The Perspective of a Publicly-Listed, Family-Controlled Firm
Mr. G. Garvin Brown IV
(United States)
Chairman, Brown-Forman Corporation
Since its founding in 1870, Brown-Forman has grown to have more than 25 brands in its portfolio, led by the iconic Jack Daniel’s trademark.
Garvin is a great-great-grandson of the founder, George Garvin Brown, and was appointed Chairman in 2007. Garvin will consider how to maintain family shareholder engagement in a publicly-listed firm. He will outline key steps undertaken including: the creation of a shareholder holding company, two-day annual family meetings and new forms of engagement such as a family committee, family foundation and special initiatives to help the 6th generation value their unique history.
Live Dialogue - Family Business Succession
Mr. Josep (Pep) Saperas Aymar (Spain)
Mr. Josep (Pep) Saperas Aymar
The Challenges and Tests of Transition
Mr. Josep (Pep) Saperas Aymar
Third Generation Family Member, General Manager, Grupo HD Covalco
This live case will explore the two prerequisites for timely succession: the current leadership’s willingness to let go, along with the next generation’s credibility and ability to take over.
Pep will draw on his experience of an ongoing succession process at the family’s wholesale and retail group, with over 1,000 stores today. He will explain what he has learned, including from his father, the current Chairman, about how potential new leaders need to be tested to establish credibility and also be encouraged. Pep will outline the key steps taken during the transition process, which has taken place during unexpectedly challenging business conditions in Catalonia.
Mr. Christopher Oughtred
Mr. Christopher Oughtred (United Kingdom) Former Chairman, William Jackson Food Group
A Step-by-Step Process to Develop Family Governance
Christopher is a 5th Generation (G5) member of the Oughtred family, which owns the William Jackson Food Group, founded by his great-great-grandfather in 1851 in East Yorkshire. In this live case, you will learn how a family created and implemented its family governance. Specifically, you will hear how the Oughtred family constitution, created by G4/G5 in the early 1990’s, has been tested by real-life events and has since been updated with G6’s involvement.
Key Questions and Decisions: What Would You Have Done
During the afternoon, Forum participants will work in table-sized groups to discuss some of the challenges and decisions that the Oughtred family faced during their process. What would you have done in their place? Next, you will hear what actually happened from Christopher, drawing from his first-hand experience as a former Chairman. Finally, Peter Leach will identify common themes from the discussions and suggest broader lessons.
Participants are invited to an informal evening dinner gathering.
25 April, 2018
Today’s sessions answer your toughest questions on family cohesion, communication and digital approaches. You will also hear about family learning, next generation empowerment and how to overcome family myths and legends that no longer serve you.
Encouraging Family Cohesion in a Large Family
Ms. Claire de Malaussène (France)
Ms. Claire de Malaussène
Enhancing Family and Business Connections
Ms. Claire de Malaussène
Fifth Generation (G5) Michelin Family Member; Project Manager, Mage-Invest Compagnie Générale des Établissements Michelin
The Michelin company began in Cléremont-Ferrand in 1889, when two brothers created the first removable pneumatic cycle tyre. Today, the tyre and travel services group employs over 100,000 people worldwide, and the Michelin family has over 1,000 shareholders and 2,200 family members.
In recent years, with no family member in top management, the family realised that family cohesion and connection to the business needed to be more explicitly developed. Claire de Malaussène will outline initiatives including: the creation of Mage-Invest as a family shareholder group, event-centred family communication and the encouragement of G5 entrepreneurship.
Family Communication
Mr. Arnaud de Coninck (Belgium)
Mr. Arnaud de Coninck
How Digital Approaches Can Support Family & Business Governance
Mr. Arnaud de Coninck
Sixth Generation Family Member, Solvay Group; Advisor, Trusted Family
The story of the Solvay Group began in 1863, after brothers Ernest and Alfred Solvay patented the industrial production of soda ash. Today, Solvay is a global chemical group employing over 27,000 people in 58 countries. With 2,400 shareholders from the founding families, family shareholder communication and decision-making is potentially complex.
Arnaud will explain how a web and mobile platform called Trusted Family was created as part of the solution (first for Solvay then offered to other families). Today, the platform’s Solvay remit includes: communication (family, shareholder, board & corporate), document archiving, event & meeting management and peer-to-peer connection. Arnaud will also draw broader lessons and give practical tips on digital approaches to family communication.
Family Training and Development
Ms. Basma Sulaiman Al Zamil (Saudi Arabia)
Ms. Basma Sulaiman Al Zamil
Developing Responsible, Self-Empowered Individuals
Ms. Basma Sulaiman Al Zamil
(Saudi Arabia)
General Manager, Corporate Human Resources, Zamil Group
At Zamil, an international industrial and services Group, the second generation had long recognized that new approaches would be needed to empower the third and fourth generations effectively.
Third generation HR executive Basma Al Zamil will outline how training was initially focused on Zamil family executives through the world-class Zamil Future Leaders programme. Today, family development has a broader mission: to help all 4th generation members become responsible and self-empowered. The main vehicle is the comprehensive Generation-to-Generation (G2G) programme, which targets all ages through regular events and personalized training to develop skills, strengthen family relationships and instill pride in Zamil values.
Family Myths and Legends: What If They No Longer Serve You?
Peter Leach will suggest that many families will approach certain key questions in ways that are actually based on “myths and legends” rather than values. They may, for example, be founded on just one interpretation of a past experience or outdated norms. Working in table-sized groups, participants will learn how the same issue can be interpreted quite differently by different families and also challenge themselves to consider practices that may no longer serve them today.
How Do You Communicate Difficult Issues Effectively?
All family business systems have built-in tensions. How do you discuss and resolve tough problems together, particularly in a hierarchical setting.
Peter Leach will set up and illustrate difficult situations, based on a realistic family case that incorporates common sources of friction. Participants will discuss the examples and potential ways of handling them better. At the end of the session, Peter will draw conclusions and suggest practical ways of resolving issues more effectively within a family context.
Participants are invited to cocktails followed by dinner
26 April, 2018
The final morning is devoted exclusively to peer-to-peer advice and discussion. In feedback each year, this workshop is rated as the most valuable part of the Forum.
Dorchester Hotel
Mr. Peter Leach
Mr. Peter Leach
(United Kingdom)
Adjunct Professor in Family Business, Imperial College London
Author “Family Enterprises, The Essentials”; Partner, Deloitte Global Leader – Family Enterprise Consulting, Deloitte LLP
It is the opportunity for participants to seek advice on whatever questions are on their minds by drawing on the hard-earned experience of the other families and practical advice from the facilitator.
Workshop facilitator Peter Leach is a leading advisor, teacher and writer, helping family owners around the world. His work includes creating governance structures, facilitating next generation participation and drafting family constitutions.
Participants will work in table-sized groups to explore their own challenges or opportunities. Peter will answer outstanding questions so that participants return home with clear next steps.
The workshop lasts all morning ending with an informal buffet luncheon so that participants can leave when it suits them.
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Joining the Loedstar conferences means for me a valuable enrichment of my network.
Chris Brenninkmeyer, Germany
The Loedstar Family Business Forum is a unique learning experience which all business families can benefit from.
Abdullah Adib AlZamil, Zamil Group, Saudi Arabia
To me, the Family Business Forum is an annual ritual that I look forward to attending.
Abdullah Adib AlZamil, Zamil Group, Saudi Arabia
Our family has participated in several Loedstar seminars. Every time, we come back feeling greatly inspired and with long lists of ideas of how to enhance the way we work together ? both as a family and as a company.
Anneli Delmas, Laurin Maritime