Frustrated by unresolved family business issues?
What do the world's leading families know that you don't?
What do the world's leading family businesses and family offices know that you do not?
Grow your business and strengthen your family relationships; Learn from successful business families and leading experts.

The Forum is designed to be a friendly and safe environment for you to find the answers to your toughest family business questions. It will address issues that apply to any family firm or family office and families join from 30-plus countries and every continent.

20th Anniversary Family Busines Forum (virtual event)

Our 20th Anniversary Family Business Forum will take place on June 8-10, 2021 and it will be a virtual event. Please simply click here to hold your places on option at the lowest early rate.

Live family cases discussed in virtual groups

What makes the Forum really special is the range of live family cases covered over two-and-a-half days. In many sessions, participants hear about a challenge faced by a family speaker, discuss the case in virtual groups, then learn about what the family actually did. In others, they engage in an interactive dialogue with the speaker. The final morning is a peer-to-peer discussion with the topics chosen by you and the other participants. Two globally-respected family business experts (both are Professors, teachers and authors on family business) will facilitate discussions and contribute their own ideas: Mr Peter Leach of Imperial College, London, author of "Family Enterprises, The Essentials" and Prof. Denise Kenyon-Rouvinez formerly Wild Group Professor of Family Business, Family Office, Governance, IMD Business School.

8 June, 2021
The Family Business Forum is designed exclusively for family members with major family firms or family offices. In today’s sessions, you will hear from and work with families from every continent, discussing genuine situations in table-sized groups.

* The speakers and session descriptions are provisional at this stage. The programme will be finalised, however it should be taken as a clear indication of the intended structure for June 2021.

Family Business Dynamics
Mr. Peter Leach (United Kingdom)
Mr. Peter Leach
An Introduction
Mr. Peter Leach
(United Kingdom)
Adjunct Professor in Family Business, Imperial College London
Founder and Chairman, Peter Leach Associates Ltd
Author “Family Enterprises, The Essentials”
One of the world’s leading teachers, writers and consultants on family business, Peter Leach has worked with hundreds of business families across the world. Each morning, Peter will facilitate discussions, draw conclusions and contribute his own presentations. His opening session will introduce several key concepts that will be addressed in more detail by the family speakers.
An Industrial Family's Story
Mr. Frédéric Banzet (France)
Mr. Frédéric Banzet
The Changing Relationship Between a Family and its Businesses
Mr. Frédéric Banzet
Eighth Generation Peugeot Family Member; Senior Partner, FFP S.A. and Chairman and CEO of FFP UK
Beginning in 1810, the Peugeot family’s industrial heritage started with coffee grinders, followed by bicycles and today PSA Group is Europe’s second-biggest car manufacturer with brands including Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel and Vauxhall.
Frédéric Banzet will discuss how the family’s business focus has evolved through its holding in FFP, a long-term investment company, majority-owned by Etablissements Peugeot Frères. In 2014, the family gave up somewhat partial control of its car business, through an imposed restructuring of the capital. Over the last 20 years, it drew from its industrial experience to develop diversified assets. This move also helped support a successful turnaround. Frédéric will explain how their family governance has allowed different family points of view to coalesce into a common approach leading towards strategic renewal.
Family Training and Development
Dr. Basma Sulaiman Al Zamil (Saudi Arabia)
1Dr. Basma Sulaiman Al Zamil
Developing Responsible, Self-Empowered Individuals
Dr. Basma Sulaiman Al Zamil
(Saudi Arabia)
General Manager, Corporate Human Resources, Zamil Group
At Zamil, an international industrial and services Group, the second generation had long-recognized the need to empower the third and fourth generations effectively.
Third generation HR executive Dr. Basma Al Zamil will outline how world-class training for Zamil family executives has been expanded into a much broader mission: to help all fourth generation family members become responsible and self-empowered individuals through a comprehensive Generation-to-Generation (G2G) programme, which begins from age six.
Mr. Eddy Lee
Mr. Sammy Lee
Ms. Andrea Lee
Family Governance, Succession and Invisible Leadership
Mr. Eddy Lee Chairman, Lee Kum Kee Family Investment
Mr. Sammy Lee Chairman, Chief Invisible Officer & Chief Happiness Officer, LKK Health Products Group Limited
Ms. Andrea Lee Head of Family Office, Lee Kum Kee Family
The Lee Kum Kee story began in 1888, when founder Lee Kum Sheung accidentally created oyster sauce when making soup. Today, Lee Kum Kee is a global brand leader in Asian sauces and healthcare products. In this interactive live case, you will learn how the fourth generation (G4) created a family governance system and, later, how G5 family members succeeded them in key roles. Finally, the family will discuss strategic business innovations such as the Autopilot Leadership Model to provide direction (but not direct command) and a Happiness Index to monitor success.
What Would You Have Done? During the afternoon, you will work in table-sized groups to discuss key challenges that the Lee family faced during its governance journey, before hearing what the family actually did, drawing from Eddy, Sammy and Andrea’s first-hand experiences.
Participants are invited to a rooftop reception overlooking
St. James’s Park and Buckingham Palace hosted by Edmond de Rothschild
9 June, 2021
Each session will answer your toughest questions on many critical family business challenges including: business diversification, family development, succession, family governance, values & culture, exiting from a family firm and responsible ownership.
Business Values and Culture
Mr. Andy Rubin (United Kingdom)
Mr. Andy Rubin
Family Influence and Leadership
Mr. Andy Rubin
(United Kingdom)
Chair, Pentland Brands plc
Founded in 1932 as a shoe business in Liverpool, the family later bought then sold Reebok, using the proceeds to help create a “family of brands”. Today, Pentland is a family-owned leader in sport and fashion with brands including Speedo, Ellesse, Canterbury, and a majority share in global retailer JD Sports.
Andy Rubin, member of the third generation and Chair of the brand division, will outline the company’s unique culture, recognised by awards including “Best Corporate Workplace in the UK” and the “2017 IMD/FBN Global Family Business Award”.
Exiting From a Family Business
Mr. Jose Juan (JJ) Serra Paiz (Guatamala)
Mr. Jose Juan (JJ) Serra Paiz
The Decision Process and What Happens Next*
Mr. Jose Juan (JJ) Serra Paiz
Third Generation Family Member, Paiz Family
JJ’s grandfather opened his first store in 1928. By 2009, Grupo Paiz was a large supermarket group employing over 30,000 people. After a sudden issue at a key partner, the family created a new joint venture with Wal-Mart de México, before later deciding to merge. The session will explore the difficult decision to exit a successful third generation business. JJ will bring perspectives from his time as a corporate board member and explain how the change has affected family members’ roles, family governance and philanthropy.
High-Energy Discussion Groups
Prof. Denise Kenyon-Rouvinez (Switzerland)
Prof. Denise Kenyon-Rouvinez
Responsible Ownership; The Global Challenge
Prof. Denise Kenyon-Rouvinez
Formerly Wild Group Professor of Family Business, Family Office, Governance IMD Business School
Prof. Kenyon-Rouvinez has worked extensively with family firms around the world, including in her recent role at IMD. Author of many books, she is also a member of the World Economic Expert Network.
Denise will explain that family firms are best-positioned to respond to global challenges because families control the ownership, and hence, strategic business direction. Participants will consider four acute global challenges: 1. environmental; 2. political; 3. societal and 4. technological. Working in high-energy groups, participants will reflect on what could be done to address selected issues. Lastly, you will consider what you, and your firm, could do differently.
Responsible Ownership Case Studies
A Panel of Family Speakers Facilitated by Prof. Denise Kenyon-Rouvinez (Switzerland)
Aligning Strategy, Culture and Practice
A Panel of Family Speakers Facilitated by Prof. Denise Kenyon-Rouvinez
Building on the previous group discussions, Denise will be joined by a panel of family business speakers who will each share their ongoing journey towards better corporate responsibility and sustainability.
The families will discuss the practical challenges of aligning strategy, culture and practices in a family firm. The session will particularly focus on how to achieve the right balance between the family owners driving corporate responsibility and the employees really owning it.
Participants are invited to a networking reception with drinks and food choices
10 June, 2021
The final morning is devoted exclusively to peer-to-peer advice and discussion. In feedback each year, this workshop is rated as the most valuable part of the Forum.
Dorchester Hotel
Mr. Peter Leach
Mr. Peter Leach
(United Kingdom)
Adjunct Professor in Family Business, Imperial College London; Author “Family Enterprises, The Essentials”
Founder and Chairman, Peter Leach Associates Ltd.
It is the opportunity for participants to seek advice on whatever questions are on their minds by drawing on the hard-earned experience of the other families and practical advice from the facilitator.
Workshop facilitator Peter Leach is a leading advisor, teacher and writer, helping family owners around the world. His work includes creating governance structures, facilitating next generation participation and drafting family constitutions.
Participants will work in table-sized groups to explore their own challenges or opportunities. Peter will answer outstanding questions so that participants return home with clear next steps.
The workshop lasts all morning, ending with a Farewell Luncheon for all participants.
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Joining the Loedstar conferences means for me a valuable enrichment of my network.
Chris Brenninkmeyer, Germany
All of us having run family businesses think our problems are unique, yet when we meet together through Loedstar we find that our issues are much more in common and by dialoguing problems become opportunities.
Alan Hassenfeld, Hasbro Inc.
To me, the Family Business Forum is an annual ritual that I look forward to attending.
Abdullah Adib AlZamil, Zamil Group, Saudi Arabia
The Family Business Forum is an opportunity to meet with and exchange expreriences with leading business families from all over the world, in a friendly and safe environment.
Dr. Fouad F. Alkhadra, Chairman & CEO, Dan Holding Group, Kuwait