Over more than 20 years, Loedstar has worked with hundreds of the most successful family firms and family offices, all across the world. We connect these families to learn from each other through conferences and training, facilitated by world-class experts. Family-to-family investment opportunities and deals is another way in which families benefit from each other's knowledge and experience. Finally there are dedicated cost-saving initiatives, such as for global insurance costs.

Our services

Family-to-family deals
Family firms and family offices often seek diversification or ideas. Our family-to-family connections enable you to seek out potential partners for family-connected deals and opportunities.
Saving costs
For several years, families with family firms or family offices have been able to benefit from special cost-saving initiatives arranged by Loedstar.
Training and coaching
We offer two unique programmes for business executives, Talk Lean and Just Ask and a range of tailored programmes for family members.
Each event is designed to be a unique educational and networking experience, built around genuine live family cases and peer-to-peer discussions. Our next Family Business Forum is on May 14-15, 2024 in London. It will take place in the 25th Anniversary year since the founding of Loedstar.
In this rather unique setting, participants, including myself and other members of my family who have attended, feel relaxed when sharing their own experiences, whether positive or negative.