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Family Business Forum

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20th Anniversary Family Business Forum - special early conditions
Tuesday-Thursday, June 8-10, 2021
Virtual Event for Families
The Forum is exclusively for family members involved with family-controlled businesses and single family offices (family office heads may also join, if they are part of a family group).
The Family Business Forum will focus on major challenges faced by family owners and includes sessions working in virtual groups dedicated to live family case reviews. Family business experts will facilitate the sessions and draw broader conclusions.

Participation level and fee alternatives (before group reductions)

You can choose between three alternative participation levels:

Alternative 1:
Loedstar individual annual membership (Fee 1,850 Swiss Francs)
Being part of an ongoing community from all over the world gives you year-round, unlimited access to members of other families for advice and access to hard-earned experience. You simply tell us what you want from the following benefits throughout the year; we will do our best to arrange it. Importantly, the comprehensive list of the benefits of Loedstar individual annual membership includes three major Loedstar virtual events: 

Family Business Forum (virtual) any one Family Business Forum
Family Business Mini-Forum (virtual) any one Mini-Forum
Peer-to-Peer Advice Workshop (virtual) any one Peer-to-Peer workshop
Mastermind call groups are uniquely effective, 75-minute calls to get and reciprocate confidential advice from other families. A group of five or six, each from different families, joins a video call
One-on-one video call(s) with a key member(s) of another family to get advice or help on a specific issue
Private one-on-one consultation with a family business expert
Year-Round advice, support and connections with other families whenever you need them

Alternative 2:
Forum attendance throughout three days (Fee 750 Swiss Francs)

Alternative 3:
Forum attendance throughout two days (Fee 600 Swiss Francs)

Different family members can choose different alternatives for themselves. The fees shown above are for early registration, which ends on May 7 (specially extended from April 30). From May 8, fees increase by 20% for the later registrations.

Group reductions (which apply to everyone in group)

1 person
2 persons
3 persons
4 persons
5 persons
6+ persons

Group registration including reductions

Fee sub-total
(Annual Memberships)
Fee sub-total
(3 days Forum)
Fee sub-total
(2 days Forum)
The group reduction is based on how many register together and it applies to everyone in the group, so your group numbers should include everyone you expect to attend. However, you can confirm actual names later (latest 30 days before the Forum).

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Attendee details

If there are ADDITIONAL people attending with you and you already know who they will be, please confirm their names and email addresses below. By latest April 30, we will need everyone’s name and Email address, so that they can take part in the sessions, including the group discussions.
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