*Mini-Forum with Live Family Cases: Family Governance and Succession - Special Early Conditions

This highly practical Mini-Forum looks at predictable problems for family businesses and how, by taking early action, you can pre-empt them. This Mini-Forum will focus on family governance and succession. Two family speakers will run live cases that are relevant to all family firms.

The first live case will be a step-by-step lesson led by Conor Roche, third generation family member from the Roche family in Ireland, owners of an alternative energy company NTR PLC and a hotel group. The case will show how and why they decided to do things differently with their second and third generations. With a history of disagreement in the past, they agreed and implemented a comprehensive family governance system and collective vision they called the Roche Family Partnership. Conor will be joined by Michael Walsh, the current non-family CEO of the family office, who will add his comments on the process, with a particular focus on business governance.

The second live case will explore the twin challenges of succession: firstly, letting go responsibilities for the current leadership generation to gradually empower the next generation; secondly, the need for the next generation to gain experience and credibility in order to be entrusted with new responsibilities. It will be led by Pep Saperas, the recently-appointed family CEO of HD Covalco, a major retailer with over 1,000 supermarkets, that has recently completed a multi-year succession process.

In each case, participants will work in table-sized groups to discuss what they would have done in the case, before hearing what the families actually did in real life.

The Mini-Forum will be facilitated by family business expert Peter Leach of Imperial College London. Peter will facilitate the discussions, draw conclusions and answer questions based on his own long experience. The Mini-Forum will take place on Wednesday, November 20 at 4 Hamilton Place (the Royal Aeronautical Society), directly overlooking Hyde Park.


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