Frustrated by unresolved family business issues?
What do the world's leading families know that you don't?
What do the world's leading family businesses and family offices know that you do not?
Grow your business and strengthen your family relationships; Learn from successful business families and leading experts.

The Forum is designed to be a friendly and safe environment for you to find the answers to your toughest family business questions. It will address issues that apply to any family firm or family office and families travel specially from 30-plus countries and every continent.

Our 17th annual Family Business Forum will take place on May 10-12, 2017 in the Ballroom of The Dorchester, Mayfair, London. Please simply click here to hold your places on option at the lowest early rate.

Live family cases discussed in table-sized groups

What makes the Forum really special is the range of live family cases covered over two-and-a-half days. In many sessions, participants hear about a challenge faced by a family speaker, discuss the case in table-sized groups, then learn about what the family actually did. In others, they engage in an interactive dialogue with the speaker. The final morning is a peer-to-peer discussion with the topics chosen by you and the other participants. Our facilitators will be two of the world's leading teachers, writers and consultants on family business Mr Peter Leach of Imperial College, London, author of "Family Enterprises, The Essentials" and Prof. Denise Kenyon-Rouvinez, of IMD Business School.

Complimentary Momentum Club membership

The Forum fee includes complimentary Business Momentum Club membership for one year. Membership means, quite simply, that you can call on us, year-round for support and assistance. We will connect you with other families to learn from each other's experience including one-on-one dialogue, peer-to-peer mastermind calls, internship exchanges and invitations to third party events.

17th annual Family Business Forum, May 10-12, 2017 - Programme

Please see below our programme for this year's London event:

10 May, 2017
The Family Business Forum is designed exclusively for family members with major family firms or family offices. In today’s sessions, you will hear from and work with families from every continent, discussing genuine situations in table-sized groups.
Mr. Peter Leach
Challenges and Potential Solutions – An Introduction
Mr. Peter Leach
(United Kingdom)
Adjunct Professor in Family Business, Imperial College London
Author “Family Businesses, The Essentials”
Partner, Deloitte Global Leader – Family Enterprise Consulting, Deloitte LLP
One of the world’s leading teachers, writers and consultants on family business, Peter Leach has worked with hundreds of business families across the world. On the first and third day, Peter will facilitate discussions, draw conclusions and contribute his own presentations. His opening session will introduce several key concepts that will be addressed in more detail by the family speakers.
Sir Richard Hoare
Ms. Bella Hoare
Implicit Rules and Necessary Compromises
Ms. Bella Hoare
(United Kingdom)
11th Generation Family Member and Managing Partner, C. Hoare & Co.
C. Hoare & Co. was founded by Sir Richard Hoare in 1672. Well over 300 years later, it remains 100% owned by the Hoare family and is led by direct descendants of the bank's founder.
During its long history, C. Hoare & Co. has enjoyed successes and survived many crises. 11th generation family member and Managing Partner Bella Hoare will show how the company owes much of its longevity to key decisions made in the early years. These include clarifying family values, creating implicit or explicit rules and being willing to accept certain compromises in exchange for long-term success. Bella will be joined by a family member who has recently joined the firm, bringing a next generation perspective.
*Painting of Sir Richard Hoare reproduced with thanks to the National Trust
Lessons from One Family’s Governance Story
A family leader will discuss his family’s process to create a comprehensive family and business governance system. The story began with the realisation that the family was vulnerable to potential conflicts because common rules and a vision for the future had only been partially agreed.
Over several years, with external advice, the family went through a piece-by-piece process to put together a collective vision, family constitution and governance system, including a family council. Family members also became used to speaking up and disagreeing on difficult topics before finding common ground together.
The workshop lasts all morning ending with an informal buffet luncheon so that participants can leave when it suits them.
Rafiq Habib
Family Business Resilience in the Face of Risk
Third generation family leader Rafiq Habib will outline how, in 1974, the family faced a huge challenge with the nationalization of their main banking business without any immediate compensation. Yet, after restarting and rebuilding, the new group now employs over 14,000 people worldwide in businesses ranging from automobiles to supermarkets, including a major international bank.
What Could the Family Have Done?
Forum participants will work in table-sized groups to consider what the family could have done during the crisis; how did it develop the resilience needed? Next, you will learn how the family rebuilt, reinforcing values and implementing a vision, family governance, a family constitution and succession to the 4th and 5th generations. Peter Leach will bring together common themes from the discussions and draw broader lessons.
Participants are invited to cocktails followed by dinner at the Royal Aeronautical Club.
11 May, 2017
Today’s sessions answer your toughest questions on letting go, succession and corporate social responsibility. You will also hear about creating family cohesion and next generation empowerment, learning from each other’s experience and from a family case.
Prof. Denise Kenyon-Rouvinez
Difficult Choices for Owners and Successors
Prof. Denise Kenyon-Rouvinez
The Wild Group Professor of Family Business, Family Office, Governance, IMD Business School
Director, IMD Global Family Business Center
Prof. Kenyon-Rouvinez has worked extensively with very large family firms around the world, including in her role directing IMD’s educational programmes for family firms. She is author and co-author of a number of family business books and illustrated cartoon works. Denise will facilitate the discussions on the second day of the Forum, draw conclusions from other speakers’ experiences and contribute her own presentations, particularly on the themes of letting go and next generation challenges.
Mr. Alan G. Hassenfeld
The Challenges of Leadership, Letting Go and Succession Planning
Mr. Alan G. Hassenfeld
(United States)
Chairman of the Executive Committee, Hasbro, Inc.
Hasbro was started in 1923 by three newly-arrived Polish immigrants, Henry, Hillel and Herman Hassenfeld. Originally named Hassenfeld Brothers, it began manufacturing pencil boxes and school supplies. Under the second generation, the company introduced toys and today, Hasbro is a worldwide market leader with sales of well over $4 billion.
Alan Hassenfeld will engage Forum participants in a “fireside chat”, drawing upon their experiences and his own, which have included taking over the CEO role in tragic family circumstances and, in 2003, handing over to the first non-family CEO. He will also discuss philanthropy and how he has used his positions at Hasbro to promote change, such as for the rights of manufacturing workers in Asia.
*Photo of original 1956 Play-Doh®
Ms. Bruna Lambais
Finding Your Own Purpose
Ms. Bruna Lambais
Board Member, Manserv
Bruna Lambais had seen her parents grow their maintenance and services business into a family company employing over 22,000 people. She had worked in the firm as a management trainee and undertaken external experience, including creating her own business. Her question was whether to join the family firm and in what role?
Bruna will explain how she found her purpose in the company, which was to ensure that corporate social responsibility became central to its culture. In a recent example, the company has partnered with an association providing professional training for disabled people. Each person who graduates successfully is offered a job on one of the company’s sites.
Creating Family Cohesion – How Can Your Generation Contribute?
Margaret-Jean Mannix, a fourth generation (G4) family member and Chairman of the Family Office, will explore next generation development, particularly self-empowerment. Founded in 1898, the family’s group of companies had become a major player in heavy construction, coal, oil and gas extraction. However, in 1997, the decision was made to monetize many of these assets.
What Should G3 and G4 Have Done?
Participants will work in table-sized groups to consider the dilemma that G4 family members faced, just as the eldest were joining the business. What should they have done, with G3’s help and on their own?
Margaret-Jean will outline how G4 (then children and young adults) worked out ground rules and a common vision. Moving to recent times, Forum participants will consider what else G4 members could be doing to take on responsibility and collaborate together. In discussion with Denise Kenyon-Rouvinez, participants will hear about their many initiatives, including a 4½-month G4 learning trip to China.
Participants are invited to cocktails followed by dinner
12 May, 2017
The final morning is devoted exclusively to peer-to-peer advice and discussion. In feedback each year, this workshop is rated as the most valuable part of the Forum.
Dorchester Hotel
Mr. Peter Leach
Mr. Peter Leach
(United Kingdom)
Adjunct Professor in Family Business, Imperial College London
Author “Family Enterprises, The Essentials”; Partner, Deloitte Global Leader – Family Enterprise Consulting, Deloitte LLP
The final morning is devoted exclusively to peer-to-peer advice and discussion. In feedback each year, this workshop is rated as the most valuable part of the Forum.
It is the opportunity for participants to seek advice on whatever questions are on their minds by drawing on the experience of the other families and practical advice from the facilitator.
Workshop facilitator Peter Leach is a leading advisor, teacher and writer, helping family owners around the world. His work includes creating governance structures, facilitating next generation participation and drafting family constitutions.
Participants will work in table-sized groups to explore their own challenges or opportunities. Peter will answer outstanding questions so that participants return home with clear next steps.
The workshop lasts all morning ending with an informal buffet luncheon so that participants can leave when it suits them.
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Joining the Loedstar conferences means for me a valuable enrichment of my network.
Chris Brenninkmeyer, Germany
That.... is the valuable aspect .... you leave a Forum listening to lectures by academics, but equipped with a network and friendship of not just the theoreticians, but the practitioners of family business matters.
Fouad M. Makhzoumi, Chairman, Future Group, UAE
To me, the Family Business Forum is an annual ritual that I look forward to attending.
Abdullah Adib AlZamil, Zamil Group, Saudi Arabia
Loedstar's meetings are a unique opportunity to meet with and learn from other families from all over the world. They are always well-structured events with an open atmosphere.
3rd gen. German entrepreneur - aviation